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How listening helps us meet the needs of all members

By Civic Credit Union
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May 29, 2024
How listening helps us meet the needs of all members

Civic is committed to serving the underserved. Here’s what that means for you. We provide fair, affordable and accessible financial services to members and eligible members. Our structure and business model enable us to reach people who otherwise may have limited access to services, including fair and affordable lending.

Listening, to better serve you

At Civic, our members are far more than account numbers or loan amounts. If it is important to you, it is important to us; we will talk with you. 

We listen to members, taking time to fully hear and understand your needs and situation when we recommend products and services, or help you resolve a question or concern. 

Not all members are the same, or have the same circumstances. However, all of us need and deserve fair and affordable financial services. 

We care about and pay attention to economic and income indicators and information throughout North Carolina, to make certain we reach those who live in underserved areas or who have potential circumstances that heighten the need for fair and affordable service. 

Our members, and their financial well-being, matter to us. Find out more, and hear the results from real members, in our latest Impact Report.

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