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Savings Comparison

Savings Comparison
Savings Comparison

Match your goals with savings choices

Flexible ways that save, earn, and grow your money


Stay on track with goal tracking


Get ways to save and spend with no penalties


Select your terms for maximum dividends

Save on your terms, accelerate your goals

However you look at it, your goals have a savings match. You may be starting to save or preparing for multiple savings goals at the same time. Saving, earning, and growing your money are essential to financial success.

Bottom line: Where you put your money matters. At Civic, we give you multiple options to maximize growth. Savings accounts have come a long way.

Find your matches to save, earn, and grow your money.

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Starting to save

The Select Savings Account is a savings engine. It gives you access to your money at any time and helps you stay on track with optional goal tracking features.

  • Doubles as an emergency fund
  • No early withdrawal fees or transfer limits
  • Use as an overdraft transfer option1
  • Open your initial account with a $1 deposit2
Select Savings

The best of both worlds

The Money Market Account provides the benefits of a savings account with the added flexibility of writing checks with no fees. This account allows you to save and spend.

  • Flexible access to money with checks
  • No transfer limits or penalties
  • Minimum balance of $500 required to earn monthly dividends3
  • Requires an initial deposit of $500 to open
Money Market

Set it and forget it

The Choice Certificate Account is used to save for a specific goal further down the road. Earn maximum dividends and select your certificate terms, between 6 months and 5 years.

  • Customize your maturity date and how dividends are paid
  • Early withdrawal penalties apply4
  • Requires a minimum deposit of $250 to open

(If you need access to your funds, consider a Money Market Account.)

Choice Certificate

Mix and match to save

Our savings options were designed to work together. This type of savings approach gives you flexible choices to help establish a nest egg with options to save, earn, and grow. All accounts are insured up to NCUA maximums.

We believe that questions help to clarify decisions. Feel free to contact us for help on which savings options could work best for you.

Savings Comparison
You know that details matter. [And you are in good company.]

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

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1 Overdraft Transfer Service is available from Checking, Savings or Money Market accounts with no minimum increments or transfer fees. Members may also apply for an overdraft line of credit from which transfers are made in increments of $50 up to available limits.

2 Minimum opening requirement is $1 for the first Civic Select Savings account. For all additional Select Savings accounts added, the minimum opening deposit is $20.

3 Minimum opening balance is $500. APY of 2.01% is paid on balances of $500 or above. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly when balance requirement is equal to or greater than $500.

4 Minimum opening deposit is $250. Civic Choice Certificates are fixed-rate accounts. Dividends are compounded monthly, paid monthly and may be disbursed at maturity or rolled back into the certificate account. Funds may be used as collateral for lending. Applicable fees could reduce balance on account. Dividend rates for new Civic Choice Certificates are subject to change daily at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Within the first 90 days of opening your Civic Choice Certificate, Civic has the ability to restrict or prohibit withdrawals from your account, except as required by law. Penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal.