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NextGen Teens

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Teen Accounts

Accounts that go with you - everywhere

Grow your money and gain solid financial skills. Your life is digital. Your account is too.


Get a debit card


Open an account with $1 or $5


Pay no maintenance fees

Practice builds confidence

It’s true. Just like in sports, music or dance, practice with money builds confidence. Give your teen opportunities to practice right from their phone. With a NextGen account, they’ll use a debit card for teens to help them learn that spending actually requires saving.  And with a savings account, they'll see how they earn dividends on their money. 

It’s an experience that will help shape their relationship with money for life — all from a credit union that cares about them, the community and our environment.

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NextGen Savings Account

  • Teen is the primary owner, and parent is a joint owner 
  • Available for teens ages 13 to 17
  • $1 minimum deposit 
  • Earns 1.40% dividends1
  • No maintenance fees
  • Must be opened first to then open a checking account

NextGen Checking Account

  • Teen is the primary owner, and parent is a joint owner 
  • Available for teens ages 13 to 17
  • $5 minimum deposit
  • No maintenance fees
  • Can be opened after a NextGen Savings Account is opened
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  • NextGen provides online banking for teens with a savings and a checking account 
  • Teen primary account holders can request a debit card 
  • Once your teen turns 18 years old and ages out of the teen account, the funds in their NextGen Savings Account move to an adult account, such as a Select Savings Account. 
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Helping your teen build confidence about money is a gift. Like anything, practice and guidance go a long way. With NextGen teen checking and savings accounts, your teen gets both. 

When using our mobile app, they learn about money with support from our team of real people. And they can manage their money, wherever they are.

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What do children and money have in common? They both start small and with great guidance and attention, they steadily grow. Start your little ones off right.

YoungStar Kids Account

YoungStar is a savings account for children ages 0 to 12 that gives your child Civic membership.

  • $1 minimum
  • No maintenance fees
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Credit union accounts for teens

Step up access for their future

The teenage years are filled with trying new things and having more responsibility for their choices and future self. Not only will this credit union account for teens help them embrace good money habits, it will give them access to resources to help conquer education costs, and get a strong financial head start.


Our robust scholarship program is only available to eligible Civic members to help pay for tuition or other educational costs. Civic Local Foundation Scholarship awards $5,000 to North Carolina graduating high school seniors planning to attend college or trade school. [Picture us cheering you on!]

Credit Union Youth Month

April is a special month when we focus on helping young children and teens understand and unleash the power of saving. Together, we can help plant the seed of financial wellbeing for our children to take out into the world.

You + Money

Quickly get up to speed on things that affect you and your money. Like how buy now, pay later payments can affect your credit. Or, money tips for recent graduates and what to know about money before they get out on their own. We’ve got articles about that, too. You + Money is the online place to learn and get more confident with your money – anytime, anywhere.

You know that details matter. [and you are in good company.]

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

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1 Dividend rate applies to accounts with a minimum opening deposit of $1. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly.