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Routing Number

Routing Number
Digital Banking

Digital money movement

A routing or transit number is a 9-digit number that identifies a specific financial institution in the U.S. You’ll likely be asked for this information, along with your account number when you are setting up your direct deposit, making electronic payments and ordering checks.

Both your account number and routing number are available in the Civic mobile app as well as on any Civic check.

Civic’s routing number: 053185723



Make a deposit Anytime from anywhere!

Remotely deposit checks into your account anytime by using the Civic digital deposit service. To make sure your checks get processed quickly, follow a few quick steps:

  1. Make sure the name on your check matches the name on your account
  2. Sign (endorse) your check and write “For Civic mobile deposit only"
  3. Keep a copy of the check for up to 5 days after submission
mobile deposit
Mobile Check Deposit

How to use Mobile Check Deposit

Save time and deposit a paper check using our mobile app.

Pay fast and secure with digital wallets

Digital wallets are a simple and safe alternative to cash and cards. Use this option when you shop online or in-store to minimize contact with payment machines and speed up checkouts. Your Civic card is compatible with all major digital wallets including: 

  • Apple Pay ® 
  • Google Pay ® 
  • Samsung Pay ® 
contactless payment

Make sure you have the best account for moving money

Civic checking accounts provide the most flexibility with moving funds. You can order checks, setup bill pay, organize ACH payments and so much more. All with no minimum balance requirements, and unlimited transactions.