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Civic serves North Carolina local government employees and their families.

Here to serve the people who serve NC

By Civic Credit Union
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June 12, 2024
Here to serve the people who serve NC

Civic serves North Carolina local government employees and their families. We believe in the men and women who make our communities run, grow and thrive. We celebrate and support those with a passion for making a difference in their communities.

What would our lives look like without those working for us at the local governing level? There are so many things that happen on a daily basis that we sometimes take for granted, or may not even know about!

The daily impact of local government

We have safe and clean water. Drinking, bathing, preparing food and laundering our clothes are but a few things that require a clean and safe water supply. There are certified individuals continually monitoring and treating our water and wastewater to keep us and our communities safe and supplied. And don’t forget those who work around the clock to repair underground breaks and delivery problems to keep the clean water flowing to us!

Our communities are kept safe. When we call for assistance — law enforcement, fire prevention and suppression, or emergency medical assistance — we make the call and know we will be taken care of. We are covered 24/7/365.

We have fun. Our recreation and parks professionals provide an amazing array of options to entertain and develop all of us. Exercise? Organized sports? Safe and clean slides, monkey bars, and picnic areas? Summer camps? Hobby classes? Safe gathering space? Just a few things brought to us by recreation and parks staff.

We know local government employees have our backs. “All the things” have a support team — a professional management team, an elected body, administrators, and front-line service delivery (think of water turn-on/off, building inspection, permit issuing, and waste collection as only a few examples!).

So, join us as we recognize, appreciate and celebrate the local government work done for all North Carolinians, every single day. As your credit union we say, Thank you so much!

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