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Civic to more than double branch and ATM access for members

By Civic Credit Union
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June 11, 2024
Civic to more than double branch and ATM access for members


You asked. We listened. Civic has created a network of more than 4,000 ATMs and branches — twice the size of what you’re used to.

Credit union members will have more convenient community access for deposits and withdrawals.

We’re delivering on our promise to be Always local. All ways.

Over the last 18 months we’ve shared that we are working with SECU to provide a solution for cash deposits and withdrawals (no additional transactions) within the SECU network of branches, post-independence in June 2025.

Our team has closely collaborated with SECU to evaluate options and we are confident that together we covered all possibilities for continuing to use SECU branches and ATMs for deposit services. You will, of course, continue to have access to SECU’s more than 1,100-strong CashPoints® surcharge-free ATM network for cash withdrawals. After evaluating several alternatives, we ultimately decided that it is neither economically sound nor in the best interest of our membership to pursue any of the evaluated options for continued SECU branch activity.

At the same time we evaluated the possibility of continued use of SECU branches, we diligently researched and selected other available cash withdrawal and deposit solutions. Upon deciding to not share branch access with SECU post-independence, we focused on other available, researched alternatives. As of the end of April, our path is clear.

More options than ever before

We are now excited to share post-independence solutions for your cash deposits and withdrawals! After June 1, 2025, you will have MORE access to options than before, to deposit and withdraw cash. Not only will deposit options be available statewide, but nationwide as well. Withdrawals will continue to be an option at any ATM statewide (including 1,100+ CashPoints® ATMs), nationwide, and even worldwide. The list of convenient options includes branch (non-SECU), merchant and ATM options for cash transaction activity.


  • 11 Civic Credit Union branches
  • 1,100+ CashPoints® surcharge-free ATMs
  • 106 CO-OP Shared Branch locations, which offer withdrawal options at statewide locations, through 27 other credit unions’ branch networks. There are more than 5,600 CO-OP branches nationwide.
  • 822 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs in North Carolina, shared with 27 other credit unions. Nationwide, there are over 33,000 CO-OP ATMs members may use surcharge-free.
  • 371 surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATMs in North Carolina, and over 39,000 nationwide.


  • 11 Civic Credit Union branches
  • 106 CO-OP Shared Branch locations, which offer deposit options at statewide locations, through 27 other credit unions’ branch networks.
  • 2,460 merchant locations in North Carolina, with over 60,000 locations nationwide that you likely already use, know and trust, such as Walmart, Walgreens, Speedway, and 7-Eleven. Members can deposit cash directly into accounts simply by tapping a debit card and providing cash to the clerk.
  • 73 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs in North Carolina, with over 8,000 nationwide, shared with the same network of 27 other credit unions.

After independence on June 1, 2025, you will no longer utilize SECU branches, except for SECU’s CashPoints® ATM network at branch locations. SECU remains our supportive strategic partner in this experience to make sure our members have a smooth transition as we become independent of our long-standing relationship with SECU. Post-independence (June 2025), you may continue to access any ATM for withdrawals, so the 1,100+ CashPoints® surcharge-free ATMs remain a convenient option for withdrawals; however, deposits via CashPoints® ATMs will no longer be an option.

Post-independence, you are not losing access. Not only that — you will gain more than 4,000 access points to manage your transactions. That’s more than double the size of the current surcharge-free access points available to you. And that’s just in North Carolina; you will have broadened access when traveling outside the state too.

We’ll keep you updated

Stay tuned for specifics on cash locations, and maps of access points. This information will help you identify access points near your home, work, or wherever your usual activity takes you. There will also be guidance on accessing and using the expanded network. Be on the lookout for more detailed information in upcoming issues of On Purpose.

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