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How to Earn Money With a Checking Account

By Civic Federal Credit Union
5 min read
March 29, 2021
How to Earn Money With a Checking Account

From side hustles to a weekend job, making extra money can help add to your financial resources and overall financial health. Every little bit helps. In addition to those efforts, there is another way to help earn a little cash that most people never think of: your checking account.

For many of us, the role of a checking account is to help us with deposits, paying bills, or using a debit card. As technology has evolved, so too has the checking account. Now, banks and credit unions offer several ways for you to earn small, but steady amounts of money that can add up.

And earning money from your checking account can be done on a personal basis or if you own a small business. For all of us, there are ways to put your checking account balances and purchases to work for you.

Here are the Top 3 Ways to Earn Money with a Personal Checking Account:

1. Choose a cash back account.

From Netflix to music subscriptions, many of us have our recurring subscription-based bills synced with our checking accounts using our debit card. Take a minute to make sure your checking account has cash back benefit on all of your purchases. There are checking accounts that offer 1% cash back [or otherwise known as dividends] on all purchases that meet a required number of debit card swipes. This is money that can be earned by doing the things you are already doing: shopping for essentials or things you buy on a regular basis.

2. Avoid ATM Fees.

In general, most fees at banks can be viewed as unnecessary. At the top of the list are ATM fees. They are expensive and inconvenient, especially when you cannot find an ATM from your specific financial institution and have to use a high-fee ATM. And those ATM fees can really add up. There is another option. Choose a checking account and financial partner that reimburses ATM fees. Yes, they exist. There are credit unions that will reimburse you for any ATM withdrawals – no matter how many. By saving ATM fees, you are preserving your hard-earned money.

Tired of ATM Fees?
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3. Earn with No Fees.

Each financial organization has its own fee structures. These can include charges for falling below a minimum balance requirement and ongoing, monthly maintenance fees. With the efficiencies of technology, these types of charges are simply outdated and, even more confusing, vary from bank to bank. It is important to find a bank or credit union that does not charge these types of fees; they are not helpful to you and your financial path. There are credit unions that only require a deposit of $5 to open a checking account. Another tip: do your research to find checking accounts that offer ways to earn bonus rates without minimum balances.

Checking accounts not only work for you, but they can also unlock additional features and benefits with some financial institutions. For example, you can get paid faster with access to your direct deposits up to three days faster with this credit union checking account.

Take time to find a checking account that can help you earn and save. When it comes to your money, every little bit helps.

Disclaimer: You + Money blog posts are provided for informational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of a financial, legal or accounting advisor.

* Fees applicable to any ATM network in the United States and its territories will be charged to member account and then refunded to the same account by Civic within two business days. Rebated funds will be available for use following the credit union’s nightly batch processing.

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