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Did you know? You’re the star of our 2023 Impact Report

By Civic Credit Union
2 min read
March 27, 2024
Did you know? You’re the star of our 2023 Impact Report

The 2023 Impact Report goes way beyond business, to show what the credit union is doing in members' lives across North Carolina. Here's what our Impact Report team has to say about their approach to creating this interactive report, and what makes it important.

Q: Why is the Impact Report important for members? 

“It’s about all the ways the credit union impacts North Carolina, which is all done because of our members. So, this report is really about what our members are doing for North Carolina.” 

“It’s important for members to see the power of our cooperative, and how their membership drives positive outcomes for families, businesses and communities.” 

“With this report, any member in the state of North Carolina can speak to the effect their credit union is having. All 100 counties are covered, and all aspects of our effects are covered, along with our future plans. This makes the report a great testimonial of reasons to be part of what we’re doing.” 

Q: How did you create the Impact Report? 

“Member comments and feedback led us to most of our content. Our goal was to identify all the ways we make a difference across the state. So much of what we do makes a huge difference for members, and it often happens through personal interactions.” 

“The team approached the Impact Report collectively, meeting with the designers and cultivating a vision to effectively communicate the credit union’s impacts for our members and communities across North Carolina.” 

Q: Why did you choose to present the information with statistics and stories? 

“We wanted to let members read, watch, hear and view content in the way they choose. We tried to shape the data so that members see it through an impact lens, such as what a mortgage with this credit union saves them over time. That’s storytelling, and frames our impact in a way members can appreciate.”

 “The Impact Report shows big, impressive numbers. But we know these numbers are built on individuals, and those individuals have stories with deep meaning, that make these numbers happen. The primary goal was to show the importance of the credit union’s work; these stories can be told because of what we do.” 

Q: Why is this report important to the mission of the credit union? 

“Our mission is to improve the lives of members, and this report shows how we do that. The data, and members themselves, tell us that members and communities are better off because of our credit unions.” 

“The report serves those trying to understand the credit union difference, how our work differs from a bank and how it runs deep, through many facets of their community, neighborhood and state.” 

“The report captures the effects of our organization’s work, which lays a standard for our future as we aim to increase our impact. It tells the personal stories of how we improve the lives of our members, and it generates a sense of pride from being a part of such an impactful organization.”

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