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4 Ways to Stay Protected Online (and be Cybersmart)

By Civic Credit Union
2 min read
September 26, 2023
4 Ways to Stay Protected Online (and be Cybersmart)

4 Ways to Stay Protected Online (and be Cybersmart)

Each October, we recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month with tips designed to help you stay protected when you connect online. 

As a digital-first credit union, our first priority is to protect and safeguard your data and member accounts. Like you, our online and offline worlds are part of our everyday lives. This makes the threat of cybercrime a constant priority for us all, wherever we log in or connect online. 

Here are four steps that can help protect you online, especially for financial accounts:

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This security measure requires anyone logging into an account to navigate a two-step process to prove their identity. It is easy to set up, and once it’s done, you have an additional layer of protection against cyber threats.
  • Use strong passwords and a password manager. When it comes to passwords, long and complex is best! Create passwords with at least 12 characters. And passwords that are 15 characters or more are even better. Be sure to include a few special characters, and use both upper and lowercase letters. Also, using password manager software to store your online credentials (usernames and passwords) can help protect your information too.
  • Update your software. Keeping your computer software and apps updated ensures general software problems are fixed and security patches are installed, reducing the chance of criminals getting in.
  • Report phishing. Criminals use fake emails to lure you into opening them or clicking on links within them, with the intent to steal your personal information or install malware on your device. If you receive a suspicious email, do not open it.


If you are using your work email, report it to your IT manager or security officer. And if you are using your personal email, just delete it. If you think you’ve received a phishing email related to your Civic account, email us at or call us at 844-772-4842. We’ll let you know if the email in question is from us.

It’s easy — and necessary — to stay safe online

Taking simple, proactive steps all year long can help keep family, friends and yourself safe from cyber criminals. Together with these simple steps, we can help reduce security breaches and minimize the chances of your identity being stolen.

Our Civic teams are looking out for your money and information. Join our conversations on Facebook and X, formerly Twitter, using #BeCyberSmart.

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