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Your new digital services

Your new digital services

We work to save you money and time. Here are just a few of the ways we can make banking easier for you, anytime and from wherever you are.


Online applications Active

Now you’re not bound by someone’s else hours. You can apply online whenever and wherever it works for you.

Access applications using the Civic app or online banking

  • Quickly apply for loans, credit cards and more
  • Flexibility and control that matches your own schedule
  • Secure technology
online applications

Control+ Active

Take control. Choose how and when your Civic cards can be used with Control+.

  • Activate, lock and unlock cards
  • Set spending limits, get real-time alerts and more
  • Customize spending with location and dollar amount rules and see real-time transactions with fraud protection

check it out : Control+


Contactless payments Active

A fast, simple and safe alternative to carrying cash or shopping online.

  • Tap your card to pay for purchases at retail locations
  • Each transaction is uniquely encrypted 
  • Add your cards to a digital wallet such as Apple Pay® or Google Pay™

check it out: Contactless payments

contactless payments

Experience Center Active

Always-on banking, at your fingertips. So you can connect your preferred way.

  • Chat – Vic, our chatbot, is always ready to help
  • Video chat (With video screen sharing available)
  • Text with a representative or get alerts
  • Call (Add voiceprint for extra security)
  • 24/7 services
  • Secure message in-app or online
  • Email

check it out: Experience Center

Experience Center

360 financial view

myScore+ Active

Get to know your credit score and learn how to improve or maintain it

  • Keep track of your credit score in-app
  • Find out the steps you can take to get your score where you want it to be
  • Free to see with any member account – not just loans

check it out: myScore+


Accounts Hub Active

There’s no need for a separate app to see all of your Civic and other banking accounts in one place. Just open your Civic app!

  • Easy transfers with no fee between Civic and accounts at other financial institutions 
  • See the big picture of your overall money habits
  • Use the insights to make solid financial decisions 

check it out: Accounts Hub

Accounts hub

Financial Health Tools Active

This set of in-app tools empowers you to be confident about your finances. See it all just by logging into your account.

  • See your spending and recuring expenses where your money resides
  • Set and monitor your savings goals
  • Keep track of your credit score with myScore+

check it out: Financial health tools

financial health tools

Move money

Mobile check deposit Active

Don't lose time – or your checks. Deposit your checks digitally with your Civic app.

  • Save time driving to the branch or ATM – just snap a pic of your check and follow the prompts 
  • Don’t forget to cash it: Make deposits remotely from anywhere

check it out: Mobile check deposit

Zelle Active

Many of you have been asking for this! Now you can send, request and receive money securely and quickly with Zelle®!

  • Split bills, make payments and more 
  • Enjoy the fastest way to move your money (maybe even faster than getting out your wallet!) to almost anyone you know

check it out: Zelle


Bill Pay Active

Add some space to your to-do list with Bill Pay. Stay organized and make payments on time, all while helping the planet.

  • Set up recurring bill payments online
  • Make one-off payments online
  • Saves you time from writing out several paper checks
  • And using less paper helps save the planet

check it out: Bill pay

Bill pay

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