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Civic Values

What we do

At Civic Federal Credit Union, we live by a triple bottom line.

As we work to generate profits that go back to our members, we observe a "triple bottom line" — a commitment to people, planet and prosperity. This is part of values-based banking, a model that considers how our communities may thrive today — and tomorrow, too.

First, there’s People

Most bottom lines start with profit. Ours starts with people. We put the interest of individuals, families and communities first, working always in service to their needs and well-being.

Then our Planet

We’re a financial cooperative with a deliberate focus on local government and the communities of North Carolina. That’s why we commit to positive environmental impact through our own operations, and why we're working with communities and members to build green financial solutions.

And then — Prosperity for all

We resolve to do well for our members while we do good in communities across the state. This means we practice equitable lending, helping members gain financial traction, while we give back to communities and promote local economic growth.

Civic Values

Civic has put more into motion in one year than most of their peers. This progress is a direct result of an engaged Values Committee, enabled and trusted by purposeful leadership.”

Carolyn Bacchus

Vice President, Climate Capital Partners

Civic is a CDFI offering loans to small businesses

CDFIs cater more to low- and moderate-income residents or smaller businesses. That’s going to open up opportunities to serve what [people are] trying to do — being able to access capital."

Sharon Hightower

Greensboro City Council on Civic's designation as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

Our culture

What We Believe

We believe in using finance to empower people so that we can build a better world — with communities that show our differences make us stronger, support positive environmental advocacy, and grow local economies for individual prosperity.

No more poverty

No Poverty

We believe upward economic mobility should be available to everyone, and we are committed to making that a reality for more people.

Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Financial inclusion means that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs.

Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities

We work toward the development of sustainable communities. That vision includes the protection of human, natural, and financial resources to meet current needs, while ensuring we manage these resources for future generations.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

As a carbon-neutral organization, we encourage and reward planet-friendly practices in communities across the state.

Beyond the Bottom Line

NC communities lead the way

We're proud to partner with cities, counties and towns across the state as we support the model of sustainable and vibrant communities.

Putting it into practice

Our commitment to people, planet and prosperity begins right where we are — at our doorstep, and follows a path through the communities we touch. Here are the ways we practice values-based banking.


Bringing our best every day starts with the people who help us run the Credit Union — our staff and member volunteers. Here are some ways we build and support these engaged teams.

  • Internal DEI Committee
  • Internal Values Committee
  • External member Advisory Council volunteers
  • Staff professional development
  • Living wage and benefits for staff
  • Work-life balanced culture


We're committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and to helping communities build planet-friendly practices. Here are some examples.

  • Carbon neutral status
  • Solar array to reduce energy consumption
  • LEED Gold-certified headquarters
  • Strategic partnerships/memberships with environmentally-focused allies
  • Explore support of local government efforts in alternative energies
  • Identify and implement ways to help members reduce energy use/carbon footprint


We work to meet the financial needs of local businesses and individuals to build productive and thriving communities.

  • Ethical and equitable pricing for loans and deposit accounts
  • Financial solutions for small business and nonprofits
  • Grants awarded to local nonprofits serving North Carolinians
  • Student and professional development member scholarships
  • Strategic partnerships with institutions focused on sustainable growth
  • Intentional development and support of underserved communities

We’re passionate about our purpose.

Civic is a proud Associate Member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a network of innovative financial institutions committed to enacting positive economic, social and environmental change.

Global Alliance for Banking on Values

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