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Emergency Vehicles Financed
Civic FCU debit card

Fire and EMS Loans

Civic offers loan products designed specifically for Fire and EMS organizations. In preparing to serve you, we have a team of experts to guide you through all steps of the process.

We finance what you need to save lives.

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We have products to help your Fire Department protect property and save lives.

Nonprofit Banking

Civic also offers deposit accounts to meet your operational goals. From checking accounts to savings options, we’ve got the tools to keep your organization moving forward. Use a customized mix of our products to meet the unique needs of your business.

Civic FCU debit card

Fire Affinity Card Program

Nonprofit Checking Account

You’re proud to be a part of the Fire Service, and there’s a program designed to enhance what you do. The Fire Affinity Card Program takes a percentage of all purchases made by either your organization or firefighters and donates them back to the North Carolina State Firefighter’s Association.

Fire Affinity Cards for your organization are available through the Nonprofit Checking Account. Get started today to put more of your dollars back into your community.

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A Special Card Designed For Firefighters and Their Families

Personal Fire Affinity Card

Fire Bonus Checking Account

The Fire Affinity Card Program is not just limited to people in the fire service. Anyone wanting to support can request a card and have a percentage of their purchases contribute to the North Carolina State Firefighter’s Association as well. That means your family and friends can participate too!

Personal Fire Affinity Cards for firefighters and their families are linked to the Fire Bonus Checking Account.

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Small Business, Big Goals

Put our technology to work for your business. Innovative tools and straight-forward products give you options that scale. See all our business options and decide what works for you.

Still have questions? We’ve got a Business Development Team ready to assist you. Contact them today at 844 77CIVIC (844.772.4842)

We're Proud To Support Emergency Services.

Civic offers product and service options specifically for Fire and EMS Departments. We provide what you need to maintain the trust of the communities you serve. Membership gets your department access to operational accounts that keep your funds safe and lending options that give you opportunities to expand. Pair this with our digital access and you’ll be well positioned for the future. Join us today and put our resources to work for you.