Civic Means Business

There’s value in good partnerships. Do business with a place invested in your success. Civic specifically serves the business community of North Carolina. We’re your partner, and your neighbor.

What makes our process special?

Your business is unique. No one knows that better than you. That's why our business development team likes to have a conversation to learn more about your needs. We've worked with businesses of all types to help them succeed. The more we know about you, the more customized plan our team can recommend. Use as many or as few suggestions as you're able. No matter the current size of your business, we can give you financial options that help you scale.

Simple Products and Digital Services

There's no one-size-fits-all solution and your business needs will change over time. Your relationship with our business development team means we'll be working with you to make sure you have continued access to what you need.

Our products were designed to be simple to understand and provide foundational building blocks for any business. Use borrowing options to:

  • Extend capital
  • Make expenses more manageable

Use our deposit options to:

  • Streamline bill paying
  • Manage cashflow more easily

And, use our digital platform to manage all your financial relationships in one place. Need more information on specific products?

Let's get started

Interested in hearing more about what you could do with Civic? Have a business development team member reach out to learn more.